Computer Music – ULTIMATE FREEWARE 2016 – Issue 230, June 2016

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This month's Computer Music is all about the free stuff. We've got a vast rundown of the year's best free plugins, and you even get a free 8GB DVD with our print edition! Filled with 60 plugins and over 3500 samples, it's the perfect power-up to your studio - and it's all downloadable at our Vault, too, of course.

Ultimate Freeware 2016

In this month's cover feature, we lift the lid on over 30 of the past year's best new plugin and soundware releases. Not only that, but every tutorial in the entire magazine this month uses freeware plugins that you can download yourself. See them in action and get your head around the lot in our video tutorials.

With this massive 18-page feature, you'll be able to…

  • Wield amazing free instruments, from synths to ROMplers
  • Discover free mixing tools for commercial-quality mixdowns
  • Get instant inspiration with wild and free creative effects
  • Use free utility plugins for ultimate mix control
  • Load up on free samples, Live Racks and Kontakt instruments

It's all backed up with 15 expert video guides - here's one for free!

FREE PLUGIN - D16 Group Frontier

The Polish plugin geniuses behind Decimort, Devastor, Nepheton and more have created an astonishing new self-adaptive limiter named Frontier… and we're giving it away for free with this issue of CM! This mixing/mastering limiter has the guts to pump up everything from individual instruments to group busses and, of course, your master bus, all topped off with a tasty soft clip stage.

For more info and tech specs, head to our dedicated Frontier page.

HUGE SAMPLE GIVEAWAY - 3500+ samples over 3 packs

This month we bring you a sprawling collection of samples to kickstart your creativity.

First up, the ModeAudio CM Collection consists of 737 premium hits and loops, chosen from the cream of the company's highly rated catalogue of sample packs. For top-quality drum and percussion, FX, textures, synth presets, MIDI files and more, look no further!

For endless top-end choices, we've commissioned Ultimate Hi-hats, a hardcore pack of 985 acoustic and electronic hat hits and loops that'll have you perked up for hours. Quite possibly the only hi-hat pack you'll ever need!

Our huge Ethnic Textures collection is sourced from the extensive CM soundware archives, and it packs in 1819 curious and exotic WAVs. Transport your productions to new climes with sitars, gongs, reeds, pipes, jaw harps and loads more!


Learn how to create trap's complex beats, in-your-face synths and mindbending edits, all using free plugins. Over ten videos, you'll get the knowledge you need to make custom 808 bass/kick patches, create instant rhythmic hi-hat rolls and snare fills, mix in vocal samples, stitch together synth leads, then mix and arrange a professional trap masterpiece. Audio examples and Live 9 project included!

Get a taste with the below video, and get all 10 vids with CM230.


Voxengo's free frequency analyser is one of the most essential production tools around… But, are you using this epic visualiser to its fullest? In this feature and its six accompanying videos, we'll show you every feature under SPAN's hood, giving you the tools to take precise, relevant measurements of your mix, ready to bring it up to commercial release standards.

Here's one video to get you going - get the rest only in this issue of CM.


Having had their hands in more than a few classic tracks, these industry veterans have a wealth of knowledge to pass along -so we blagged our way into their studio for a 30-minute video masterclass. Watch as the pair break down their dancefloor monster Holly in Logic Pro X, crafting synth sounds, mixing beats and percussion, and deconstructing every other element while we look on in awe.

Check out Part 1 below - Part 2 is included only with the magazine.


  • Designer Sounds: Charlie 'Break' Bierman whips up a trip-hop groove, creating old-school beats, bass, lead and FX using free plugins
  • Dr Beat: Does your selection of drum loops sound like everyone else's? Learn to build a unique collection with choice free processors
  • Geek Technique: Professional mix engineers only use expensive commercial plugins, right? Wrong! Owen Palmer creates a modern mixdown using only freeware
  • Music Theory: Putting together a fresh chord progression is all about defying your listeners' expectations - Dave Clews shows you how, with a look at secondary dominant chords


  • Scanner: The prolific electronic artist - and lifetime collector of sounds and gear - reveals how he approaches sound and production in this huge exclusive interview
  • Noisebud: Continuing on our freeware tip for this issue, we speak to Johannes Ahlberg of the innovative Swedish donationware plugin development outfit
  • RÜFÜS: We quiz the chilled Aussie trio - known as Rüfüs du Sol in North America - about the software they couldn't manage without in the studio


  • Celemony Melodyne 4
  • Roland Sound Canvas VA
  • Tracktion Software Biotek
  • DMG Audio Limitless
  • D16 Group Devastor 2
  • zplane reTune
  • Tokyo Dawn Labs Nova GE
  • PSP Audioware PSP E27

Plus, check out our hands-on video of zplane's stunning polyphonic reTune plugin below!

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