Computer Music – THE CREATIVE GUIDE TO VOCALS – issue 233

This month we'll show you how to source, produce and synthesise perfect vocals, speak to House don Timo Maas, unleash some creative secrets of velocity programming, take a tour of señor Albert Neve's Barcelona studio, and check out some all-time classic EQ units. This month's edition will also boost your hard drive with the full version of a commercial compressor, along with two 900-strong packs of samples.

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The Creative Guide to Vocals

Forget your beats and basslines for a moment - the vocals are the parts of songs that truly connect with the audience, aren't they? If only there was an ultimate guide to producing the human voice that could lend your tunes a helping hand. Well take a deep breath: there is!

In our massive cover feature, we'll show you how to record vocals both professionally and on-the-fly, generate instant harmonies, create perfect synthetic robot vocals, and work with acapellas to get fully professional results.

It's all in our huge guide as part of cm233! Here's one of this tutorial's epic videos, to give you a taste of what you're missing!


Readers of any print or digital edition of CM233 also get access to a huge suite of giveaways. This month brings you the full version of a commercial compressor, three packs of samples, our ever-expanding CM Plugins suite of over 60 VST/AU instruments and effects, and perhaps most mightily of all… STICKERS with the Print edition!

Ignite VST Vice One - the full version for free

Feel the pump with this multifaceted VST/AU dynamics device from Ignite VST, ready to rock with both analogue and digital response patterns for customised behaviour. The full version of Vice One is usually sold for $49.99, but we're giving it away with the Print and Digital version of Computer Music, so grab yourself a bargain today with this issue!

Watch the video below to find out what Vice One is capable of, or read the full spec.

Three free sample packs

To go with our mega cover feature, we've put together 900 copyright-free vocal samples so you can get right into the action. Featuring processed vox, female vocalists, MCs and rappers, spoken-word, rhythmic loops and many more, it's an essential all-purpose vocal toolkit to fuel your future hits.

Meanwhile, you also get 900 dusty WAVs with our Ancient Analogue collection. This lovingly crafted sample pack contains beats, loops, hits, sequences and more, all taken from vintage gear. The booty doesn't stop there though, as this issue also nets you a Loopmasters taster pack to get your ears around!

Classic EQs

We're investigating the timeless sounds of the classic tone shapers this month, taking in the characters of the Pultec EQP-1A, the API 550A and B, Neve, Trident, SSL and more. Along the way, we'll tell you why these revered units have gone down in EQ history, and we'll show you how to replicate their sound-shaping potential in software. Now blow the dust off that rack and check out these classic curves…

Velocity Secrets

Velocity is a MIDI message sent with every note. It usually applies to a synth's volume, but in this accelerated guide, we're going to illuminate how you can use velocity to liven up your productions. We'll use velocity as a modulation source, mix it up with MIDI plugins, create layers in multisampled instruments and loads more.

Producer Masterclass - Albert Neve

The Barcelona-based production bronco has been creating music on computers since before it was commonplace, and he'll illuminate us on the subject directly from his Spanish studio. Watch him break down his Abel Ramos collaboration Let The Bass Be Louder in Logic Pro X in this huge video, available with any version - Print or Digital - of CM233!

Also in this issue:

We interrogate house legend Timo Maas about his heavyweight career, and the massive responsibility of remixing Paul McCartney

Give your drum tracks the best of both worlds - learn to blend electronic and acoustic drum soundswith Ronan Macdonald in this month's Dr Beat

Find out about thedangers of EQin this month'sGeek Technique

Discover the four essential new free plugins of the past month in Freeware News

Find out Mike Mago's top tips for music-making kit in our rapid-fire interview

Need some melodic inspiration? Dave Clews explains the Chromatic Scale in this month's Music Theory guide

Can monitor emulation plugins replace the need for referencing on multiple systems? We ask the industry in our Burning Question

We talk to Steinberg's Andreas Mazurkiewicz about the creation of top-grade mastering plugins


  • Sonic Academy Kick 2
  • Eventide Tverb
  • Softube Drawmer S73
  • Voxengo PrimeEQ
  • AudioAssault Transfreak
  • CFA-Sound Grip
  • Universal Audio Chandler Curve Bender

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All formats include our 60+ CM plugins, thousands of samples, and tutorial videos/files via Vault download

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