Computer Music – STEREO SCIENCE – Issue 226, February 2016

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STEREO SCIENCE: The Next-Level Guide

Take total control of the stereo field with this power-packed tutorial, focussed on the advanced end of stereo manipulation, and following on from last issue's guide to the basics (which we've included as a PDF, just in case you missed it). We'll show you how to get mixes that sound wider and deeper than ever before, guiding you through the principles and techniques that make today's top tunes shine from left to right.

Over 11 pages and 10 videos, we'll clue you in on…

  • Ten ways to add width to mono sources for a fuller mix
  • The dark art of mid/side processing: how it works, and how it can make your production better
  • Making sounds move across the stereo field without using panning!
  • Using mid/side techniques as a vital part of the sound design process
  • Psychoacoustic tricks to create focussed, hyper-realistic spatial positioning

Whether you're a dab hand with the panorama or a hope-for-the-best tweaker, there's something for everyone in this expansive guide. Here's one to get you started…

FREE PLUGIN - Sibalance CM

Get your signals' dynamics smooth and even with this issue's plugin giveaway. Toneboosters' Sibalance CM may look like 'just' a de-esser, but it's unusual matched filtering and separation of noise and harmonic content makes it way more effective and flexible than your typical "turn down the signal when the treble gets a bit loud" processor. Use it on vocals, drum loops, instruments, and even full mixes - any time you need to reduce harshness and get smoother treble, reach for Sibalance CM.

This VST/AU plugin - PLUS another 55 CM Plugins - is yours free with this issue of Computer Music. Check out its full spec on the Sibalance CM page.

THE ART OF NOISE - Ten Techniques

Have you truly mastered the art of noise…? With these ten essential video techniques, you will! Find out how to layer noise with drum and synth sounds to add bite and presence, process it to add an organic feel to your tracks, make it play tunes using a filter, use it as a powerful modulation source, and mix it up with distortion, vocoders and samplers to maximum effect.

941 FREE SAMPLES - Cartoon Capers

Get tons of track-building theme tune elements, silly sound FX, loony loops, and more in this wacky pack. Grab the mag and turn to page 12 to see how it was made, and start using these pro-quality sounds in your tunes immediately when you get hold of this issue in print or digital formats!


D16 Group's TR-909 emulation takes the sound and workflow of the classic Roland groovebox into the digital world, souping it up with extra features that are only possible in a virtual version, while still remaining true to the original hardware.

In this feature, we'll show you exactly what this classic plugin is about, and why so many top names have sung its praises across our pages over the years. From pattern programming and sound design through to presets and MIDI integration, we'll show Drumazon off and give you the skills you need to supercharge it! Check out the video below for a taste.


After remixing an impressive roster of artists such as Gossip, The Rakes, Shinichi Osawa, My Tiger My Timing and Midfield General, Tronik Youth -aka Neil Parnell - is the man to go to for a new take on a song. This issue, he's invited us into his studio to show how he does it. Go through the keyhole of the Nein Records co-founder, and see how he created his remix of William Earl's Chemical Love, as he pulls the track apart before your very eyes!

Watch the first part of the tutorial right here, and get the final part with the magazine!


  • Designer Sounds: Charlie "Break" Biermann shows you how to layer kicks, using the bite of synthesis and the weight of acoustic
  • Dr Beat: Get bells and blocks in your beats -and get them //right// with Ronan Macdonald's expert drum programming lesson
  • Geek Technique: Vocoders aren't just for robot voices! Use them as a powerful mixing and creative tool with mixdown guru Owen Palmer's tricks and techniques
  • Music Theory: Stack four notes instead of three to create flavoursome seventh chords - it's easy when you know how, and Dave Clews is here to show you


  • Flux Pavilion: Josh Steele ventures way beyond dubstep for his debut album - he talks production, plugins and pigeonholes with CM in this exclusive interview
  • XLN Audio: Lars Erlandsson, co-founder of the company behind Addictive Drums and Keys, tells us what it takes to model real-life instruments in software
  • Rodion: This Italian DJ couldn't do without his digital toolbox - find out his top five bits of software


What do the makers of the world'sbest-selling music software mag actuallyuse in the studio? In 2015, over 300 products passed through our reviews process, getting rated or slated in the mag along the way. But which of the past year's releases have managed to stick? Which of 2015's quality tools have made such an impression on the CM team that they've become a standard fixture in their own productions?

It's time to find out, with the first ever CM Experts' Choice Awards! This month, the team show you the software offerings from the last 12 months that they now can't live without, and what they're expecting in the year ahead.


  • Ableton Push 2
  • IK Multimedia Amplitube 4
  • Sonimus Burnley 73
  • Focusrite Clarett 2Pre
  • Joey Sturgis Transify
  • Waves eMo D5 Dynamics
  • XLN Audio Addictive Trigger

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