Computer Music – MODERN COMPRESSION – Issue 222, Autumn 2015

Computer Music 222 is available now
Computer Music 222 is available now

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Make your mixes more powerful, polished and pumped with the ultimate guide to compression -2015-style! This isn't a tutorial about 'what the threshold is for' - this is cutting-edge, contemporary technique that'll help you keep up with the high demands of modern production values. And, if you're not quite ready for that yet, don't worry, as we've included bonus downloadable guides that cover all the basics of compression.

Over 14 pages and 17 videos, you'll get schooled in a universe of compression.

  • We'll bust the jargon behind parameters like Knee, Range, Feedforward, etc, telling you what they mean and how to actually use them in context
  • Find out how using several compressors in series can give a clearer result
  • Dial in parallel compression to add body and texture to your mixdowns
  • Learn when and how to use mid/side compression and multiband compression
  • Uncover advanced techniques for designing your own compression response
  • Safely maneuver the dangerous art of mixing into bus compression
  • Finish off perfectly every time with our master compression and limiting techniques

Here's a taste of what you'll be doing in this huge cover feature - get the rest of the videos with issue 222 of Computer Music.


We've had a lot of plugin giveaways over the years in CM, but we've never brought you anything quite like this. NYRV Systems' Agent CM is a plugin host that lets you load up to eight VST/AU effects as one mammoth device, and gives you powerful control over their parameters with a custom interface that you design yourself.

Agent CM will save you time and effort, and can even alleviate plugin format issues - it hosts VST, VST3 and AU format plugins, and can run as a VST, AU or AAX plugin itself!

Watch our video below to see some of the powerful features that Agent CM can offer, or read more about how it works.

886 FREE SAMPLES - FX TimeTrip

This pack of nostalgic sounds recall every era of electronic sound design -from whirring oscillators on tape, through 8-bit game sounds and 90s timestretching, to modern-day impacts and risers. There's bound to be something in this pack that'll liven up your latest track, and it's available exclusively to CM readers with this issue.

As with every CM sample pack, the content you get is royalty-free, so you can start throwing them into your project right away.

Synth FX Masterclass

Super-size even the most basic of synth sounds with our video-packed guide to processing your synths for maximum impact using effects plugins. Even better, we'll do it all with CM Plugins, free with the magazine, so you can follow along directly.

How To Use Turnado

Sugar Bytes' mighty modular multieffects machine is capable of whipping up a sonic storm, but the full power of this 24-effect monster is often left untapped. We're going to show you how Turnado works, and elucidate every one of its functions, helping you to harness the the full potential of this must-have PC/Mac/iPad processor.


This month's sensational in-studio video sees bearded bass boffin Will Clarke breaking down his club banger 808 Frenzy in Logic Pro X. See Will sculpting beats, treating percussion, carefully tweaking basslines and adding FX to arrive at his minimal house signature sound. And check out his bush-tastic beard in full summer bloom, while you're at it!

Meanwhile, in the mag, we hear from Will about the controversial issue of ghost production, and find out how he gets the inspiration and momentum required to produce professionally every day.


  • Designer Sounds: This instalment sees InsideInfo taking a humble vocal sample and twisting it into an eerie pad -perfect track-starting fodder!
  • Dr Beat: Get your virtual snares tightened up, as Ronan Macdonald focuses on that most central of drum kit elements, the snare drum
  • Geek Technique: We use simple filters every day, but are they really acting like you expect them to? Owen Palmer's tutorial will make you think twice about common knowledge
  • Music Theory: Dave Clews explains tritone substitution, an ol' switcheroo that can revamp tired chord progressions.


  • Bingo Players: We talk to Maarten Hoogstraten about the continued success of the Dutch electro house act following some tough times
  • PreSonus: We quiz them on how they get hardware and software to play nice, and find out more about how they develop their musical tools
  • Alex Adair: Find out what software the totally tropical house master reaches for when in need of inspiration.


Softube Heartbeat
Arturia BeatStep Pro
Renoise Redux
Novation Launchpad Pro
UVI Relayer
D16 Group Antresol
AudioThing Fog Convolver
Plus 20 more software, ROMpler and soundware reviews

Win big with this issue of CM!

This month, we also give you the chance to strike the mother lode. Enter our mammoth competition for a chance to get your hands on top gear from the likes of Moog, Arturia, Universal Audio, Genelec and loads more - that's an astounding £14,000's worth of music-making kit. The winner takes all, and you'll find out how to enter in this issue ofComputer Music. Here's what's up for grabs…

  • Universal AudioApollo Twininterface
  • Moog Sub 37Paraphonic synthesiser
  • ArturiaBeatStep Prohardware sequencer
  • Studio One 3Professional
  • Genelec8330 Smart Active Monitors
  • PLUS two Fender guitars, a whole drum kit, three amplifiers and loads more
  • Check out thefull list of prizeson the competition page.

(Competition open to entrants from UK & Ireland only)

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Includes Vault download for all formats.

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