Free VST/AU/AAX effects rack: Agent CM

Agent CM from NYRV Systems is unlike any software giveaway we've brought you before, offering a new way to work with your VST and AU plugins. With this powerful PC/Mac plugin, you can package up your favourite third-party effects combinations, design a personalised interface to control them, and load these custom strips any time you need them, in any VST-, AU- or AAX-compatible DAW.

Once called up as an insert effect in your DAW, up to eight VST or AU plugins can be loaded inside two separate strips (four in each), allowing you to create bespoke channel strips and effects chains for either studio or live use. Agent CM can also be used as a powerful 'bridge' between plugin platforms: use AU plugins in VST-capable hosts, run VST plugins in AU-only hosts such as Logic, and even run VST and AUs within Pro Tools! Check out our video to see this innovative plugin in action.

Features and uses:

  • Create custom plugin combinations with all your favourite third-party VST, VST3 and AU plugins
  • Two independent chains (Channel Strip and Effects Rack)
  • Load four plugins in series per chain, giving you eight slots in total
  • Use the Config page to stack and reorder chains of your favourite plugins
  • Assign colour-coded rotary knobs, buttons and switches to up to 24 plugin parameters
  • Assign overall in/out gain, plus wet/dry amounts for each device slot
  • Define parameter ranges, labels, tick marks/lines and more via the Control Settings menu
  • Choose between three preset skins
  • Populate your custom interface with text, labels and graphic elements
  • Once your setup is complete, head over to the Live page to tweak and perform your custom front-end
  • Save your custom racks and load them again in any capable DAW
  • Use AUs in VST-capable hosts, VSTs in AU-only hosts, and VSTs and AUs in Pro Tools
  • CM readers get the full Agent for $99 (instead of the full $249)
  • 32-/64-bit PC VST/VST3/AAX
  • 32-/64-bit Mac AU/VST/VST3/AAX

How to get Agent CM:

Buy Computer Music magazine issue 222 (CM222) and you can download Agent CM right away.

For more info on CM Plugins, read our FAQ, and find out about our Vault download system.

Once you've had a taste of Agent CM's plugin-stackin' power, be sure to try out its bigger brother, Agent. It can load up to 16 plugins, features 96 configurable controls spread over two pages, the ability to load eight plugins per page (as opposed to Agent CM's four), an additional routing page, AAX and RTAS support for Pro Tools users, DAW-independent MIDI learn, plus slot meters on the live page. Plus, it usually costs $249, but CM readers can buy it for just $99 using the code found in issue 222 of Computer Music. NYRV Systems also offer a bundle of 10 Agent-exclusive audio devices. Find out more here.

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