Can Just Blaze's official sample pack ignite a creative spark?


Hip-hop producer Just Blaze has created his first official royalty-free sample pack for Splice Sounds.

The in-demand helmsman is fresh off his work with Beyoncé on her sixth studio album, Lemonade, and his list of production credits as long as your arm. Blaze has worked with the likes of Kanye West, Jay-Z and Eminem to name but a few.

The pack is exclusively available as part of the Splice Sounds subscription service, and features 100 drum hits, synth one-shots, musical loops and FX.

"After so many fake kits floating around for years I couldn't take it anymore!" says Just Blaze. "I'm super excited to partner with Splice to bring you guys "Meow The Drums" along with this new set of personally crafted sounds.

"I wanted to create a set that didn't feel specific to any one genre and could be of use no matter what you're feeling at the moment. Oh, there's also a few more sounds from some of my classics hidden in here. Dig in... And as always, HAPPY DRUMMING YALL!"

Check out the samples for yourself on Splice Sounds.

Simon Arblaster
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