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C3N Loops will change the way you make music

C3N Performance has unleashed Loops, a unique and expressive loop remixing tool.

Similar to C3N's Play app, Loops is aimed at DJs and producers and features the same unique user interface, which is designed to be "best and most expressive loop player there is".

The app comes with a 57 pre-loaded loops to get you started, but you're also able to import as many of your own that your storage space can handle.

The user interface is very much a blank canvas and depending on your hardware, you can run 128 concurrent stereo streams (64 on the iPad 2). With the ability to build a huge world of loops in such a vast space, it is little wonder that the interface is optimised for the iPad Pro's resolution.

Loops features support for multiple audio formats such as, wav, aiff, caf, mp3, m4a and is available to download on iTunes now for £6.99/$8.99.