Superbooth 2019: Mine S lets you create your own custom modular MIDI controller, then change it if you want to

Superbooth 2019: We’ve seen various ‘build you own MIDI controller’ platforms in the past, but Specialwaves thinks that it’s come up with the “most adaptable” modular option yet.

Mine S comprises a case that can hold up to 32 modules from the following list:

  • Pot Module: 270° rotary potentiometer (1x1 position)
  • Pad Module: Pressure sensitive Pad with customizable RGB Led (1x1 position)2 Buttons Module: 2 toggle on/off Pads with customizable RGB Led (1x1 position)
  • Encoder Module: Infinite Encoder with mappable Push button and Green Led Ring (1x1 position)
  • Slider Module: 60mm travel linear potentiometer (1x3 position)
  • Blank Module: For covering the empty spaces on the case (1x1 position)

Modules can be positioned both horizontally and vertically, and you can configure them however you like. What’s more, they’re hot-swappable, so can be replaced as you play. Mapping can be done using the proprietary Controller Editor Software.

The Mine S is currently the subject of an Indiegogo campaign, with pledges starting at $285 for a starter pack. 

Ben Rogerson

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