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Sugar Bytes brings its Aparillo soundscape synth to the iPad

When we reviewed the desktop version of Sugar Bytes’ Aparillo synth earlier this year we described it as a “sound designer’s dream”. Now iPad users can have a piece of it, too, as it’s just landed on the Apple App Store.

To recap, this is a 16-voice FM synth that’s designed for creating cinematic soundscapes. There are actually two interacting FM synths, and when you combine these with the wave shaping, filtering, FX and modulation options on offer you have a sound design powerhouse on your hands. There are multiple effects, too.

The big control innovation in Aparillo is the Orbiter, a “mass controller” that delivers one-touch sound morphing. There’s AUv3 and Ableton Link support, too.

You can download Aparillo for free from the Apple App Store, with an upgrade to the full version costing $17.99/£17.99 as an in-app purchase.