Soundtoys makes some of the best effects plugins we've ever reviewed and you can get up to 75% off Decapitator, EchoBoy, Crystallizer and more this Cyber Monday

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We interview a lot of producers here at MusicRadar, and across all of those conversations, there's one brand that gets mentioned more than any other: Soundtoys. These effects plugins are some of the most popular processors on the market for a reason - they simply sound great. In our official review of Soundtoys 5 we gave the plugin bundle a five-star rating and described it as "an essential collection of effects for producers in all genres". 

That very bundle (which has since been updated to 5.4) is available for almost half price over at Plugin Boutique this Cyber Monday, giving you the complete array of Soundtoys tools for a serious discount. If that sounds like a bit too much of an investment, PB has cooked up some even bigger discounts across individual Soundtoys effects, offering some of its most popular titles for up to 79% off. Check out the Soundtoys sale over at Plugin Boutique.

Soundtoys 5.4: was $503,

Soundtoys 5.4: was $503, now $258.32
The complete collection of Soundtoys plugins features all the effects you're ever likely to need. Bringing together 21 plugins in one bundle, Soundtoys 5 features its new SuperPlate plate reverb, popular pitch and formant-shifter Little AlterBoy, beloved saturation and distortion tools Decapitator and Devil-Loc, versatile delays like PrimalTap and EchoBoy, chorus and widening effects such as Crystallizer and Microshift... need we go on? This is a stonking amount of effects processing goodness for a phenomenal price.

Soundtoys Effect Rack: was $302,

Soundtoys Effect Rack: was $302, now $149.95
Effect Rack is a creative multi-effects system that houses a number of Soundtoys most popular tools. A singular, self-contained plugin that hosts multiple effects, it'll let you mix and match processors like EchoBoy, Primal Tap, Decapitator, FilterFreak and Tremolator, creating custom effects chains which can be tweaked with Effects Rack's powerful global controls. With 14 of Soundtoys' world-class effects inside, this is a steal at half price this Cyber Monday.

Soundtoys Decapitator: was $201,

Soundtoys Decapitator: was $201, now $50.34
One of Soundtoys' most popular plugins, Decapitator is a saturation tool beloved by everyone from amateur beatmakers to professional mix engineers. Capturing the gritty sound of tubes, transistors and circuitry pushed to the limit, Decapitator will add the sought-after sound of analogue warmth and character to any signal, with five different types of saturation models that emulate both vintage and modern studio hardware. 

Soundtoys EchoBoy: was $201,

Soundtoys EchoBoy: was $201, now $50.34
Described by Soundtoys as "the ultimate realization" of their absolute obsession with delay effects, this plugin captures decades of echo and delay sounds in one versatile effect, offering 30 built-in styles carefully modelled on vintage classics such as the Roland Space Echo, Maestro Echoplex and Electro-Harmonix Memory Man. If you buy one delay plugin this Cyber Monday, make it this one.

Soundtoys Little AlterBoy: was $100,

Soundtoys Little AlterBoy: was $100, now $50.34
A fun, easy-to-use vocal processor, Little AlterBoy is a little plugin capable of producing a huge range of different vocal transformations. Shift your vocals pitch up or down by an octave or dramatically alter the tone by using the formant-shifter, while dialling in tube-modelled saturation using the Drive knob. And if you're after the hard-tuned robotic sound that's all over the charts right now, Little AlterBoy can do that too.

Soundtoys FilterFreak: was $151,

Soundtoys FilterFreak: was $151, now $31
Faithfully reproducing the sound of classic analogue resonant filters, FilterFreak is one of the most musical filter plugins we've ever tested. Choose from highpass, lowpass, bandpass and band-reject modes with 2 to 8 poles, experiment with funky auto-wah and sample-and-hold effects, enjoy synth-like resonant filter sweeps or add a touch of analogue-style saturation with 7 different saturation models. 

Soundtoys Crystallizer: was $151,

Soundtoys Crystallizer: was $151, now $31
Cast your mind back to '80s hits and you'll inevitably recall the sound of the Eventide H3000, a famous rackmount effects processor. Crystallizer captures the unmistakeable vibe of that unit's Crystal Echoes preset, a unique combination of pitch-shifting and reversed echo that transforms any signal into shimmering futuristic textures. Soundtoys have brought this classic effect into the 21st century with a number of smart additions, including MIDI sync, a built-in gate and onboard low and high-pass filters.

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