Sound Force’s SFC-8 MIDI controller might make you believe that you own a real Jupiter-8

SoundForce SFC-8
(Image credit: SoundForce)

You might never be able to afford a real Jupiter-8, but if you’ve got a plugin version of Roland’s classic synth and you’re prepared to suspend a little disbelief, SoundForce’s new SFC-8 might make you believe that you do.

Designed specifically to be used with Jupiter-8 emulations - Arturia or Togu Audio Line’s in particular - this MIDI-mappable device draws power and transmits MIDI over USB, but also has a standard 5-pin MIDI port.

This being the case, you can also use it with hardware synths if you wish. MIDI maps can be created and CC numbers changed in the companion control panel app.

The SFC-8 contains five banks of four presets and offers three modes (jump- pick-up and scale). It’s assembled in The Netherlands and made from a combination of sheet metal and wood, so should be pretty durable.

The SFC-8 joins SoundForce’s other syntt-specific MIDI controllers in the company’s line-up - the likes of the SFC-60 and SFC-5 - and is available now priced at €499. Find out more on the SoundForce website.

SoundForce SFC-8

(Image credit: SoundForce)
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