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This MIDI controller will make you feel like you’re using a real Prophet-5 synth

SoundForce SFC-5 V2
(Image credit: SoundForce)

SoundForce has announced its latest synth-specific MIDI controller, this time focusing on the legendary Prophet-5.

Designed to work with the likes of the Arturia Prophet V and u-he Repro-5, this is known as the SFC-5 V2, and offers various improvements in comparison to the V1 model, including a 100% sheet metal case, wobble-free metal shaft pots and walnut side panels.

The SFC-5 V2 includes 32 rotary pots and 28 switches, plus a couple of extra user controls for your FX plugins. It can send out standard MIDI CC messages and works with any software that’s MIDI-mappable. Configuration takes place in a web-based control panel, and you can save and load different setups.

SoundForce stresses that this is a boutique-manufactured product with high build quality; it costs €299 for EU customers, and Perfect Circuit is selling the device in the US for $280 with shipping included. Find out more on the SoundForce website.

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