Save 50% off a one-year subscription to Pro Tools Ultimate in their Black Friday sale

Pro Tools
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Avid's Pro Tools software is the industry standard for studio professionals. Uniquely suited to those recording, arranging and processing audio, this DAW can be found in almost every professional recording studio around the world.

If you're considering trying Pro Tools out for size, today would be a great day to make the leap, as Avid are offering a colossal 50% discount off a one-year subscription to Pro Tools Ultimate, and a tidy 33% off the standard package. This is just one of many Black Friday plugin deals available during this year's Black Friday weekend. 

Over at Avid's website, you can snag an unmissable discount on Pro Tools and Pro Tools Ultimate, the DAW's top-tier version. If you're wondering which version might be right for you, then consider whether you need the extra options available to users of Pro Tools Ultimate. The fully-specced version offers surround sound mixing, whereas the regular version doesn't. 

Ultimate also gives producers the ability to mix 2048 tracks, as opposed to a limit of 256 found in the standard package. Ultimate also gives music makers the option to work with up to 64 video tracks, so if you're working with video, this is definitely something to consider. 

Pro Tools and Pro Tools Ultimate: up to 50% off

Pro Tools and Pro Tools Ultimate: up to 50% off

For studio professionals and mix engineers, there's no more powerful tool than Pro Tools. This DAW is an essential for anybody working with audio - it's no coincidence that it can be found in professional recording studios the world over, and is considered the industry standard by producers big and small. If you're looking to dive in to the world of Pro Tools, act now to save big on a 1-year subscription. 

Pro Tools and Pro Tools Ultimate offer a huge amount of functionality to producers, recording artists and studio engineers, and their latest update has expanded the software's capabilities even further. This year's updates brought support for the new generation of M1 Macs, I/O channel expansion, UI customisation, automatic delay compensation for sidechains, and seamless integration with Native Instruments' Komplete Kontrol MIDI keyboard. 

Subscribers receive updates automatically as soon as they're added, making sure that you're always working with the most cutting-edge technology available to producers. Visit Avid's website to find out more about this unmissable deal and purchase Pro Tools or Pro Tools Ultimate today.


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