RØDE announces a complete range of new and updated podcast gear

RØDE is one company that has been loving the new - OK, not that new - phenomenon of podcasting, with successful products for every aspect of your 'cast, from microphones to custom consoles. The Australian microphone specialist's latest announcement includes updates to two already successful products, plus what can only be described as a 'suite' of new releases. Or a 'pod'. Or, indeed, a 'PØD'. 

So, as they say, 'let's get into it', and we'll start with the all-new products. RØDE Streamer X is a device aimed at people livestreaming with both audio and video: "Never before has broadcast-quality video and audio capture been possible using a single console," claims RØDE.

The device is basically an audio interface with video streaming, so you get inputs for XLR and line-level devices and RØDE wireless mics, together with RØDE's Revolution Preamp and Aphex effects processing. On the video side it delivers 4K30/2K60 streaming and up to 2K120/4K60 pass-through. So while it looks small, it does a lot...

RØDE Streamer X – looks small, does big

(Image credit: RØDE)

Next is the RØDECaster Duo. This is an all-in-one device with the same feature set as the RØDEcaster Pro but in a more portable and compact form. It's essentially a way of mixing several sources – mic streams and and so on – and adding effects and stings, and is aimed at podcasters, streamers and musicians. With a smaller form, it cuts down the input channels you get compared to Pro (from six to four), but otherwise seems to feature the same workflow and screen as its larger sibling. 

RØDEcaster Duo – small form 'casting

(Image credit: RØDE)

RØDE's PodMic USB is the last of its hardware announcements (although there's also a new backpack and battery pack, if you are interested). Again it's aimed at podcasting, streaming and content creation, and is also a variant of an existing product, this time the PodMic. 

However, PodMic USB goes further with those three letters and allows both XLR and USB connectivity, something which RØDE says was a first with its 5th generation NT1 microphone. When in USB mode, you get access to a Revolution Preamp, Aphex voice processing and compatibility with smartphones and tablets. There's also a zero-latency headphone output and onboard volume control.


(Image credit: RØDE)

We'll close with those firmware updates for two popular RØDE products, Wireless GO II and Rødecaster Pro II. The former is a popular compact wireless microphone system - the update allows wav files to be saved on the system and to stop and start recordings using the transmitter and receiver power buttons.

Finally, the Rødecaster Pro II is one of the most popular podcasting mixer/interfaces out there, and its update allows you to connect any RØDE Series IV wireless transmitter – including the aforementioned Wireless GO II plus the WirelessME – which is, according to RØDE, a "world-first", allowing podcasters even more flexibility with seamless wireless operation.  

All prices and release dates are still to be confirmed, but there's more information on all of these releases from RØDE's website.

RØDEcaster II gets a wireless connectivity update

(Image credit: RØDE)
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