Producer masterclass - Netsky: “Get your own samples, don't copy or ask friends"

MTS 2020: This Belgian DnB producer needs no introduction and it was our pleasure to hook up with him, once again to talk us through his production techniques on the track, I See The Future In Your Eyes, taken from the album Second Nature on Hospital Records.

“It's a fairly simple track, basically an instrumental with a little vocal sample in there. Yeah, it's a straightforward, easy to manage track. Not very complicated in terms of synths but I think it's still fun to go through the other parts and to show you how I work.

“I work in Ableton Live for this project, and almost all my projects are completely done in the box. I just make everything on my MacBook.” 

“Now, you know, especially in 2020, it's so, so easy to find good drum samples, you can get them off your like favourite producers. Everybody's making sample packs on Splice right now. 

“Go grab your samples, don't try and copy any or don't ask your friends, try and find your own samples, because it's kind of fun to work on that like kind of sound design stuff as well. to just make your drums. 

“Try and make them your own, try and find something that makes them different from everybody else. 

“With this track, the drums are not in any way part of the track’s identity. It's a very simple, easy drum loop. It's more about the melodic stuff on this track. So yeah, go find your own samples on Splice.”

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