PreSonus relaunches its Eris studio monitor range with all new models and a simpler tiering system

PreSonus’ Eris studio monitors have been relaunched with the latest generation forming three new tiers: Essential, Studio and Pro. Each range has been refined with a simpler lineup of models all aiming to deliver something for every type of audio specialist.


The Essential range consists of some existing model names, but are updated for the 2nd generation. This range is aimed at content creators of all types, who require highly accurate sound reproduction in a small footprint and at low price points. 

All models are Bluetooth-compatible, with the exception of the smallest 3.5 monitors also being available in a non-Bluetooth variant.

Each model features a 1” silk dome tweeter, woven composite driver, front-mounted controls and I/O, plus acoustic tuning controls.

Eris range

  • Eris 3.5
  • Eris 3.5 BT
  • Eris 4.5 BT
  • Eris 5 BT
  • Eris Sub 8 BT

Eris Studio

The middle tier of Eris monitors is now the Studio range and features some models that bear a resemblance to the previous Eris XT models. Some of you may recognise the elliptical waveguides and the latest versions ensure a wider sweet spot so you’ll be able to hear all the detail from those mixes from a broader standpoint.

Each of the Studio models features forward-firing bass ports that ensure optimised low-end reproduction and the update also includes improved internal bracing to suppress unwanted resonance. The 8-inch model has a frequency response of 20kHz all the way down to 35Hz, while the smallest of the three, with its 4.5-inch woven driver reaches as low as 55Hz.

Eris Studio range

  • Eris Studio 4
  • Eris Studio 5
  • Eris Studio 8

Eris Pro

Sitting at the top of the Eris tree is the new Pro series which features a coaxial design on both the Pro 6 and Pro 8 models which are then joined by a 10-inch sub-woofer to complete the range.

The precise nature of the single-point source design and symmetrical dispersion patterns will lend itself well within Dolby Atmos installations, or any multi-channel systems for that matter.

Both the 6 and 8 models have a frequency response of 35Hz - 20kHz delivered by the 1.25-inch, silk-dome, high frequency and woven composite low-frequency drivers. Each model is also wall and ceiling-mountable and much like the other Eris monitors, the Pro range also comes with acoustic tuning controls for fine-tuning during installation.

Eris Pro range

  • Eris Pro 6
  • Eris Pro 8
  • Eris Pro Sub 10

We were lucky enough to catch the entire range at a recent launch event and first impressions were very impressive. On first listen, the 3.5 and 8-inch sub from the standard Eris range seemed to pair very well, almost better than the 5s, but we’re sure that with a little tweaking of the acoustic controls that can be changed.

We were quite taken aback by the bass response of the Studio when compared to the Pro range. It really is impressive and the broader waveguide really does work as advertised. However, the detail, balance and accuracy in the Pro range does surpass that of the Studio models and we’re sure will be quite a popular choice for many a studio installation.

Prices for the standard Eris models range from $99.99-$249.99, £89.00-£219.00, €99.00-€249.00 (per pair). The Studio range goes from $149.99-$249.99, £109.00-£219.00, €129.00-€249.00 (single). The Pro series starts at $399.99-499.99, £349.00-£429.00, €399.00-€499.00 (single). Both the Eris and Eris Studio models are available to buy now, while the Eris Pro range will be available at the end of September 2023.

Be sure to check back soon for full reviews on some of the new models, but in the meantime head over to the PreSonus website for more information.

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