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Pre-orders for the new Positive Grid Spark Mini are now live and you can save up to £33/$44

Pre-orders for the new Positive Grid Spark Mini are now live and you can save up to £33/$44
(Image credit: Positive Grid )

Positive Grid are well known for their amp modelling software and guitar amps, with an impressive catalogue of innovative products that make practice and recording fun and easy. The Spark amp changed the face of practice amps with its intelligent features, affordable price and it looks like they are at it again with the release of the Spark Mini. Pre-orders are now open, so you can bag your very own mini smart amp and save up to £33/$44 off the price at the same time

Even though the original Positive Grid Spark wasn't exactly massive, the new mini version is a considerable downsize, making it perfect for players on the move or as a desktop companion. Due to its more petite frame, the control layout of the Spark Mini has been simplified with only Preset, Guitar and Music knobs remaining on the physical amp, with all the other features such as the much-loved Auto Chords, Video Capture, and tonal presets only being accessible via the accompanying app. 

Positive Grid Spark Mini: Was £172, now £139

Positive Grid Spark Mini: Was £172, now £139
This ‘early bird’ offer sees £33/$44 slashed off the miniature smart amp, bringing the price down to only £139! You also get a bonus crimson grille thrown in for free, so you can change the look of your new amp whenever you fancy. 

Just like its big brother, the Spark Mini is powered by the award-winning Bias tone engine, meaning you'll never run out of sounds or inspiration again - with over 10,000+ tones available! Furthermore, this intelligent amp can be turned into the ultimate Bluetooth speaker, with dual 8° angled speakers, which produce a near-field stereo experience. 

It's worth noting that if you fancy taking advantage of this 'early bird' offer, you'll want to be quick. As of writing this, 53,900 people have currently signed up for pre-order notification, with 190 out of the 500 available amps sold already. The 'super early bird' offer has already sold out, which saw £37/$50 knocked off the price of the new practice amp. 

With this product being so popular, we anticipate the offers to evolve as specific deals sell out over the coming days. For up-to-date information on pricing, be sure to check out the Positive Grid site.  

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