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Positive Grid offers 10% off the Spark amp to celebrate 100,000 sales

The Positive Grid Spark has proved to be a success far beyond the expectations for any guitar amp or indeed any piece of guitar gear – it's just hit 1000,000 sales in under a year.

Positive Grid are now reportedly shipping amps within a week of ordering following a period of unprecedented demand for the electric guitar, bass and acoustic amp and are celebrating their milestone by offering 10% off its $299 asking price for new customers until 21 September. 

And the Spark 40 combo is a lot of amp for $269, as our review attests.

The Spark offers a feature set for the price that's unrivalled in the desktop amp sector. The 40-watt combo amp offers Positive Grid's acclaimed BIAS modelling technology to delivery effects as well as a range of head and combo models but its jamming and learning features elevate it to an even higher level.

Alongside the Spark app that has voice control integrated, you can learn the chords to your favourite songs thanks to its Auto Chords feature, or play along with backing tracks with Smart Jam. 

Use Spark's huge tonal capability to choose between thousands of tones to dial in the exact sound you need for a song or recording. 

This deal could be Prime Day is on the horizon, promising loads of great bargains for musicians. Keep checking our Prime Day music deals page for all the latest news and offers.