Poly Effects' Hector puts a virtual modular inside your modular set-up

Poly Effects Hector
(Image credit: Poly Effects Hector)

Poly Effects' Hector is a virtual modular environment for your Eurorack modular setup, containing over 100 virtual modules that can interact with the rest of your rack through 6 inputs and 8 outputs for CV and audio. 

Hector contains a variety of modules, from the simple and functional - LFOs, quantizers, filters -  to the highly advanced. Among the most interesting on offer are the granular texture synthesizer, controllable chaos generator, and a meta modulator with seven blendable signal-combining algorithms. There's also a EDP-style looper module capable of looping multiple tracks simultaneously. 

The unit also brings convolution reverb technology to your modular, an effect that has long remained in the domain of DAWs, thanks to its CPU-intensive nature. Hector is completely lacking in any hardware controls and operated using a touch-screen that controls the virtual modular environment. However, module parameters can be controlled using CV or mapped to external MIDI controllers.

Though the idea of a virtual-modular-in-a-modular seems somewhat puzzling at first, we can see how the Hector's 100+ modules, effects and functions can bring some serious creative and experimental capability to your modular system. 

Hector is available now for $599. You can pre-order the module at Poly Effects' website. 

Matt Mullen
Tech Editor

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