Pioneer DJ slides new models into its DM monitor range

Any time’s the right time for a refresh and Pioneer’s hit DM series of desktop monitors have just had a revamp to place them in the 2022 frame once more.

Built on the know-how from Pioneer’s popular home audio brand and combined with the studio and club skills from its DJ side, its DM monitors – introduced in 2021 – joined its famous decks, mixers and CDJs, addressing a need for Pioneer in the studio as their DJ followers were making music for themselves.

DMs have always had a big, powerful, all-purpose sound, hitting the spot for music listening and DJs while being accurate and consistent enough to facilitate mixing, mastering and more crucial listening needs. Cleverly, you can switch between DJ and Production modes just by flicking a switch - this automatically adjusts the DSP settings for each application.

And all that at a great price, too.

The DM-50 range was introduced as a 5-inch upgrade of the popular DM-40 4-inchers and now both lines have been treated to a 2022 revision.

Spec-wise, you still get a Class D amplifier with a 4- and 5-inch woofer in each unit, with their DECO convex diffusers delivering clear higher frequencies. But now the new DM-50D-BT integrates Bluetooth functionality into the popular 5-inchers, with the DM-40D-BT doing the same for the 4-inch models.

Now users can stream music wirelessly from mobiles, laptops and the like for ease of play in any scenario.

Of course, in addition to the new wireless features, the 40 and 50 still offer RCA and mini-jack inputs, with the 50s offering TRS input, too. The volume control and on-unit headphone socket are still present on the front panel for maximum ease and flexibility.

Both new models are available in studio black or eye-catching white.

The DM50D-BTs retail for $219 per pair while the DM-50Ds (the existing model) will continue on sale for just $199 per pair.

The DM-40D-BTs are also priced at $199 per pair, with the older DM-40Ds now setting you back just $149.

Find out more at Pioneer DJ's website.

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