Paiste expands Signature series with Power, Heavy and Mellow models

Gear 2021: Sure, there’s no physical NAMM Show this year, but that’s not stopping Paiste from serving up some tasty gear. The Swiss cymbal giant is bringing back a number of popular models, as well as a new addition to its Signature line-up for 2021.

The Signature range was launched in 1989, and has remained a favourite with the likes of Stewart Copeland, Danny Carey, Phil Rudd, Brad Wilk and many more since. For 2021, Paiste has brought back a number of models in the Signature range, starting with six new Signature Power cymbals aimed at providing bright, clear projection for louder playing styles.

First up are the Signature Power models. The Power Hi-Hat is available in 14” and 15” sizes. These are joined by 19” and 20” Signature Power Crashes, as well as 20” and 22” Power Rides, which Paiste says will “pierce the loudest guitar walls with a solid, bright ping and strong bell sound”

Paiste Signature 14" Heavy Hi-Hats

(Image credit: Paiste)

There’s also the Signature Heavy Hi-Hats: available as a 14” pair offering a “clear, full sound with a rich low-end.”


Paiste Signature 22" Mellow Ride

(Image credit: Paiste)

It’s not all loud reissues, though. Paiste has created the Signature 22” Mellow Ride, a larger version of the current 20” Mellow ride - known for its sweet stick sound and rich, soft wash. This is the first time Paiste has offered the sound in a 22” format.  

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