Neural DSP launches revamped and expanded Archetype: Plini X – adding octaver, pre-delay, chorus and more

Neural DSP has rolled out a refreshed and updated version of its signature guitar plugin suite for Australian maestro Plini, with the Archetype: Plini X the first to be compatible with its Quad Cortex amp modeller

This is a big deal for Quad Cortex users. But the wait for plugin compatibility isn’t quite yet over. One final hurdle remains as the Finnish company finalises an update to the floor unit's operating system. Once that goes live, we’re good to go.

The good news for existing users of the plugin, however, is that the Archetype: Plini X is available as a free update, and it comes with an all-new look and a host of new features.

“Plini’s collaboration brought out the best in us as engineers and musicians, inspiring us to create a plugin equipped with cutting-edge technology,” wrote Neural DSP. “What emerged was Archetype: Plini, a sonic masterpiece that not only met Plini’s exacting standards but set a new standard in the industry.

“Five years later, we’re pleased to introduce an evolution of our original masterpiece, providing artists with the modern tools they need to bring their musical visions to life, echoing the success and artistic growth that Plini has achieved over the past half-decade. It’s a reflection of our commitment to enhancing the music-making experience and celebrating Plini’s extraordinary contribution to the world of music.”

Neural DSP Archetype: Plini X

(Image credit: Neural DSP)

Neural DSP has added an octaver and pre-delay to its Pre Effects bundle, with the former offering a blendable octave up or down effect to complement your original signal, and the latter a fully featured delay pedal that perform quotidian tasks such as adding depth and space or go all in with creating dreamy soundscapes.

The Drive pedal now features a fuzz switch, so you can now deploy it as a boost or overdrive, or flick the switch and mine it for “rich harmonic distortion” to use it as a fuzz pedal

The guitar amp models are the same as before, which means you have the Clean amp dolling out pristine boutique sparkle, the Crunch amp sitting somewhere between edge-of-breakup and high-gain, with the Lead amp featuring an additional triode-based gain stage for all your face-melting needs. 

This being a guitar VST plugin, a creature of the 21st-century, this high-gain amp voicing has of course been voiced for extended-range guitars and super-low tunings. The 7-string guitar in your life can have a bit of fun with this.

Neural DSP Archetype: Plini X

Neural DSP Archetype: Plini X Post Effects (Image credit: Neural DSP)

Elsewhere, there has been a new chorus pedal added to the Post Effects lineup, and it has a switch to toggle between an ‘80s-inspired sound or the more modern-sounding Spatial mode. 

Neural has also updated the delay while they were at it, adding a tape echo emulation complete with all those textural imperfections you get with old mechanical echo units, and you will find a new HPF/LPF feature in the 9-band equaliser.

For more information, head over to Neural DSP. Price for new users is €83, and you can try before you buy.

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