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NAMM 2019: The GEN R-8 is probably the most advanced Stylophone yet

NAMM 2019: Dubreq has announced the latest generation of Stylophone, the GEN R-8. Two years on from the announcement of the GEN X-1

Dubbed the “ultimate Stylophone”, the GEN R-8 seems to be a far more fully formed instrument than the X-1 and a logical progression from the S2.

In a similar form-factor to the S2, the R-8 features a three-octave touch keyboard that Dubreq describes as “supersensitive”, but with the added bonus of 19 CV/Gate patch points. Check out the full list of features below.

GEN R-8 specs

  • Full analogue signal path
  • Steel enclosure
  • Dual VCOs with Saw, Square and PWM (oscillator 1)
  • Sub oscillators and Subsub oscillators for room shaking bass
  • Unique British design 12dB VCF with Low pass, High pass, Band pass and wide Notch
  • Fast and punchy envelope
  • Supersensitive three-octave touch keyboard
  • Glide and Modulation keys for expressive performance control
  • Eight waveform LFO with S&H and One-shot feature
  • 19 CV/Gate patch points for advanced modular patching
  • Grungy analogue style Delay with modulation CV
  • Drive knob for extra boost and fatness
  • 16-step sequencer with eight banks and on-the-fly switching
  • MIDI in/out

The Stylophone GEN R-8 will probably ship late February and is available to pre-order now, priced at $349/ £299/€329. We look forward to checking it out at th


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