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NAMM 2018: SoundBrut's new VA boost pumps up to 30db

NAMM 2018: Swedish effects firm SoundBrut has announced an all-new MOSFET boost.

Its VA pedal is a MOSFET boost combined with a custom tone stack, and is specifically designed to be used anywhere in your signal chain, pumping up to an additional 30dbs.

A custom-built and tuned Varitone circuit features a six-way selector for six separate capacitors, which, used with the two-way EQ-depth selector Q switch, provide 12 different tone presets.

You can use it in front of your amp and pedals to push them into further gain stages or after your favourite dirt pedals as a tone-shaper and boost. 

VA doesn't pretend to be a clean boost, and will tweak the harmonic content of your guitar. If the boost is kept at unity level, the Varitone circuit adds subtle air and character; beyond the unity level, VA starts to add level and weight to your sound.


• MOSFET boost (max 30 dB) 
• True bypass 
• Custom Varitone tone circuit
• 112 x 60 (mm) / 4.40 x 2.38 (Inches) enclosure
• Silent (popless) 6-way selector 
• Runs on 9V DC power (no battery operation)

VA is available now at a street price of $145/€145.


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