NAMM 2023: The Myburgh M28: at last, an all-new microphone that is not trying to emulate an old one

The Myburgh M28
(Image credit: Mybrugh)

NAMM 2023: Rather than trying to emulate a classic microphone, the Myburgh M28 is an all-new model that, according to its makers, "holds its own next to German and Austrian classics".  

The M28 is being produced by a relatively new Berlin-based company called Myburgh, which released its debut microphone, the M1, in 2020. Like the M1, the M28 was co-designed by the world-renowned microphone specialist Andreas Grosser, who sadly passed away last year. 

The Myburgh M28 is a multi-pattern, FET-based microphone with a CK12-inspired capsule, but otherwise is an all-new design, which was an important consideration. 

"The M28 is not a copy of any existing microphone," says the company's Andrew Myburgh. "Rather, it holds its very own position next to the German and Austrian classics, offering a distinctive and unique voice."

The microphone employs the same low-noise as that used by the M1, and it has a similar linear frequency response. This is something that the M1 has become trusted for by its many users.  

An exact price for the M28 has not been confirmed, but it is expected to be around $3,000. The release date is penned in as Q3 of this year. There's more information about Myburgh and the M1 here

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