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Music Never Stops: 8 Acts, 8 Genres, 1 Virtual Stage

Thomann has hosted the Music Never Stops virtual festival, the finale of the band contest it launched in response to coronavirus. 

The firm asked bands and musicians to submit audition tapes, and originally intended to award five headline slots to deserving winners. But after receiving almost 1000 entries, Thomann added 3 more acts to its bill.

"A big thank you to everyone who sent their audition tape: we loved your music, the passion you put into it and we can’t wait to hear new music from you," a Thomann statement reads. 

"If you are not among the 8 artists that made it to the final voting, we encourage you to keep on creating beautiful music and never stop doing it: after all, the Music Never Stops!"

To find out more about all the finalists, head over to Thomann's blog now.

(Image credit: Thomann)