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Mooer's Tone Capture samples any guitar with a pick-up

Mooer has revealed its new Tone Capture micro pedal, a potentially extremely handy mini-box of tricks that they say can accurately sample any pick-up equipped guitar.

Essentially hosting its' GE300 multi-fx big brother’s Tone Capture feature in dinky standalone form, Tone Capture uses Mooer's own "dynamic layer” IR technology, it can also function as a standalone EQ pedal, with 7 onboard slots to share between Tone Capture or EQ presets. Users can also choose between true bypass or buffer bypass modes.

Mooer Tone Capture

(Image credit: Mooer)

While it hasn't entered the MusicRadar lab for testing yet, the video above certainly bodes well. The Tone Capture Guitar pedal is available now, but we don't yet have a confirmed RRP. For more details head over to