MixWave: Jay Weinberg gives you Slipknot's drum sound in an affordable, electronic drum set-playable plugin

MixWave might be a relatively young company, but in the short time since it launched, it has produced multi-sampled drum libraries capturing the kits of some heavyweight contemporary drummers. Now, MixWave: Jay Weinberg offers us a detailed, multi-sampled capture of the Slipknot drummer’s setup.

Jay Weinberg’s signature pack joins MixWave’s current artist kit collections, including Thomas Pridgen, Tony Royster Jr, Gojira's Mario Duplantier and MixWave founder, drummer Luke Holland, to offer what MixWave says is “one of our most detailed plugins to date”. 

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As with Mixwave’s previous releases, the samples run within Native Instruments’ free Kontakt Player software. The pack contains samples of Jay’s SJC drums, with samples of dual, left and right bass drums in two sizes each. 

There are nine selectable snare drums, including Jay’s 14”x6.5” SJC ‘The Crucible’, 14”x7” ‘Goliath’ bell brass, (both in multiple tunings), the JW48 14”x6.5” 48-ply maple model, a 14”x6.5” steel snare, as well as Jay’s Acid Patina, Titanic and Liquid Death drums.  

Tom-wise, we get three SJC rack toms - a 10”x7”, 12”x8” and 13”x9” - plus 16”x16” and 18”x16” floor toms, and there are no fewer than 13 individual cymbal slots. These are home to Jay’s Zildjian setup, ranging from a 6” Zil-Bel to a 22” Oriental Crash of Doom, with three pairs of hi-hats, two crashes, two chinas, two splashes and five fx cymbals. 

The ride cymbal is, of course, Jay’s preferred Zildjian S series Rock Ride. All thirteen slots can be populated simultaneously, so while choice isn’t likely to be a problem, you might be investing in some trigger splitters!

As additional bonus content, MixWave: Jay Weinberg comes complete with multiple samples of Jay Weinberg's dog, Papaya, which are obviously freely-mappable across your kit too.

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The entire kit features velocity-layered samples performed by Jay Weinberg himself, and the interface allows for complete customisation of the instrument mapping and velocity curves for triggering from your e-kit.

Meanwhile, the mixer interface not only features individual level control, but also contains pre-mixed reverbs and FX, as well as master channel compression, EQ and tape saturation. 

But if that sounds like too much tinkering, the Mix button - as found in other MixWave packs -  can take you from “raw to mix-ready in one click” thanks to the baked-in processing settings.

Jay Weinberg tells us in the product release notes, "I’m absolutely thrilled to present my brand new signature drum library, available now through MixWave!  Featuring my complete signature SJC Custom Drum set, nine snares, multiple kick drum options, and my entire cymbal arrangement, this comprehensive library has captured every detail of my in-studio and on-stage sound — and I’m so excited to finally share it with all of you…

"Whether for professional recording, or for making demos in your bedroom — if you’re searching for a high-quality drum sample library that suits high-energy music, and that captures every nuance of your dynamic drum performance: you’ve come to the right place."

MixWave: Jay Weinberg is available now, at an introductory price of £100/$119.

Stuart Williams

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