MixWave launches Tony Royster Jr drum sample library that you can play from your electronic drum set

Following 2021’s release of its Thomas Pridgen and Mario Duplantier drum sample libraries, MixWave isn’t showing any sign of slowing down any time soon, with the introduction of the electronic drums-playable MixWave: Tony Royster Jr.

The pack contains detailed multi-layered hit samples of Tony’s DW kit, with a 22” bass drum, 8x2.5 piccolo tom, additional 8/10/12/16 toms and a 20”x2.5 DW Design Series Pancake Gong drum all captured.

As well as this, MixWave has sampled four of Tony’s main 14”x6.5” DW snares: a Black Brass, Aluminium, Galaxy (maple), plus a 14”x5.5” DW maple snare. Plus, you get a pair of auxiliary snares added to their own slot on the virtual kit with a 13”x3” DW Brass piccolo and 10”x6” DW Popcorn.

It doesn’t stop there, though, because there’s also the cymbals with 15” Kildjian K Sweet and 2x10” K Splash hi-hats, three 19”/20” Zildjian crashes and a 20” Zildjian K ride. Perhaps most excitingly, though, is that MixWave and Tony have gone to town on the FX cymbals, with a 20” Oriental Crash of Doom, multiple custom stack configurations and a Zildjian three-cymbal Concept Shop Trap Stack. 

MixWave Tony Royster Jr

(Image credit: MixWave)

Within the mixer section, you can switch between completely raw samples to mix-ready processing, and dial-in the amount of compression, EQ and tape saturation you require.

As with its two previos releases, the samples are designed to run within Native Instruments’ Kontakt or free Kontakt player, and also includes files for Steven Slate Trigger. 

Of course, Tony Royster Jr is extremely well known within the drum community, having grabbed peoples’ attention 25 years ago while performing at the Modern Drummer Festival aged just 12.

Since then, Tony’s career has gone from strength-to-strength, performing globally as one of the most exciting clinicians to watch as we landing some absolutely massive gigs with the likes of Jay Z as well as his current gig as drummer for Katy Perry.

MixWave Tony Royster Jr is available now, at an introductory pricing of $99 ($149 regular price)  


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