Save 25% on Positive Grid's top-rated Spark 40 amp

Positive Grid Spark
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Looking for early Black Friday guitar deals? We've got a beauty here. We're big fans of Positive Grid's Spark 40 amp – the performance and range of features for the price is simply unrivalled at this end of the guitar amp market – so the 25% off deal the company is offering as a Thanksgiving special until the end of today has just made this an even better proposition and possibly the best amp offer we'll see when the full Black Friday music deals are revealed. 

Check it out its key features below and head to to buy.

Best guitar amps: Positive Grid Spark 40

(Image credit: Positive Grid)

Our 5/5 Positive Grid Spark review goes into more detail on why we rate it so highly, but here's a recap of some of the key features that make it so special for us:

• Guitar, bass, acoustic amp and effects pedal tones generated by Positive Grid's acclaimed BIAS engine.

• Auto Chords feature listens to any song from YouTube and streaming platforms and transcribes the chords for you to jam along with.

• Smart Jam generates backing tracks for you to play with. 

• Download thousands of tones from the ToneCloud community – and upload your own custom tones. 

• Ideal size for your desk and a USB recording interface.

• Seamlessly connect via Bluetooth with the Spark app and fully control your amp.

• Use the Spark's Bluetooth functionality for music playback. 

With the 25% saving the Spark 40 amp is just £189/$249 from Positive Grid direct.

Save 25% on the Positive Grid Spark smart amp

Save 25% on the Positive Grid Spark smart amp
Save on the MusicRadar five-star-reviewed Positive Grid Spark 40 amp and get one for £189/$249 instead of the usual £227/$299. 

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