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Koma Elektronik launches new Field Kit FX module on Kickstarter

Koma Elektronik has announced a new FX version of the Field Kit on Kickstarter and it has already exceeded its goal of €20,000.

This new device is a a CV controlled effects which takes in the same form-factor as the original Field Kit.

The interface consists of seven main areas; looper/frequency shifter, sample rate reducer/bitcrusher, digital delay, analogue spring reverb, four channel VCA mixer, four step mini sequencer and envelope generator 

All of this, combined with the new four Channel CV Interface which allows you to route four CV signals throughout the device, promises to be a very versatile effects unit that will no doubt compliment the standard Field Kit very well.

Koma Elektronik is in the final stages of development of the Field Kit FX and so has taken to Kickstarter to make this new module a reality. 

Head on over to the Kickstarter page to get pledging. Prices start at just €10 for pledges without reward, while €219 kicks off the early bird package prices.

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