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JBL 305P studio monitors have dropped below $100 for Cyber Monday

JBL 305P studio monitors have dropped below $100 for Cyber Monday
(Image credit: JBL)

A good set of studio monitors is considered an essential purchase for any home studio, but if you're shopping at the entry-level end of the scale it can be tricky to find a pair that does the job. In our opinion, the JBL 305Ps deliver superb balanced sounds for the money, and are available at a super low price in this Cyber Monday music deal at Guitar Center. 

For a shade under $100, you can pick up a single JBL 305P at Guitar Center, knocking a third off their usual price, and meaning it'll only cost you $199.98 for a pair.

Studio monitors exist purely to help studio users and music producers get their final tracks sounding as good as they possibly can be. They differ from regular speakers in that they don’t inherently colour the sound themselves; instead they operate using a flat-frequency response. This means you can identify – and fix – every rogue bass or treble frequency before it becomes a problem.

The JBL 305P studio monitors are almost the perfect first set for the budding music producer or DJ, packing in all the functionality you’ll need and elevating your mixing game in an instant, but without the crazy price of more pro models. The 5” woofer pumps out solid, distortion-free bass while the overall sound is balanced out to give you the clarity you need when making those critical mix decisions.

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