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There are a few reasons that vintage effects processors still remain hugely sought after today. There’s their characterful sound for one thing, as well as association with thousands of classic records. Let’s be honest, there’s also the fact that they look very cool, and a rack of vintage outboard can add a whole lot of credibility to your studio.

There’s more to their appeal than all of that though. Through years of use, out of both necessity and dedication, engineers have figured out how to precisely tweak and exploit the topology of these units, to the point that they can be used almost like instruments. Look at the famous Pulteq boost/attenuate trick, or the ‘all buttons’ compression mode of the 1176. These are more than simple effects settings – they’re unique effects, difficult to replicate with other gear.  

It’s some of that magic we want to help you tap into in this issue’s cover feature. Whether you’re working with hardware or software emulations, we’ll show you how to get the most out of these vintage mix icons.  

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Matador – The innovative Irish techno artist invites us into his studio and previews his upcoming Cyclone shows  

Apparat – The German producer talks upcoming album LP5 and his ever-evolving approach to writing  

Principleasure – Sharooz Roofi invites us into his synth-stuffed LA den to talk his new alias

The Track: Sophia Saze – The Brooklyn-based artist and Dusk & Haze boss talks us through the creation of her continuous cassette album  

Classic AlbumMeat Beat Manifesto the genre-bending icons talk Storm The Studio

Layton Giordani – The rising techno producer talks studio, DJing and more


Get the perfect vintage mix – Everything you need to know about classic outboard, along with the best emulations and must-try tips  

Producer’s Guide – We revisit a modern analogue classic and dig into Novation’s Bass Station 2.5

Modular Monthly – Discover the Dove Audio WTF

Explainer – What is machine learning and what does it mean for music production?


Akai Force

4ms Pods

Erica Synths Black Hole 2   

Sennheiser IE 40 Pros  

Head to Head – Audient Sono & IK Multimedia Axe I/O  

Unfiltered Audio Byome  

And more!


The Sound of Water  – In the first part of a new series of ‘found sound’ sample packs, we delve into a world of drips, splashes, raindrops and more  

Out-There FX – We’ve captured esoteric samples and unique recordings to create this pack of totally one-of-a-kind percussive hits, loops and FX  

Access the FM sample archive: Download the ‘Archive’ packs and get over 12GB of loops, hits and instruments from our back catalogue of high-quality and royalty-free samples. From vintage synths and drum machines to esoteric instruments and FX – think of it as our best of. All the samples you need to create great music!

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All-access artist interviews, in-depth gear reviews, essential production tutorials and much more. image
All-access artist interviews, in-depth gear reviews, essential production tutorials and much more.
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