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The front cover of Computer Music's March 2024 edition featuring an image of a keyboard alongside illustrations of this month's free sample packs
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In March's issue we're lifting the lid on the venerable piano. If you've ever wanted to incorporate some pianistic panache into your track, our guide has it all: in-depth insights into how they work, buyer's guides on the latest plugins and tutorials on how to put it all together.

Free Stuff!

Your free gift this month is the fantastic Snap Heap multi-effect tool from Kilohearts, a seamless, convenient way of getting top drawer effects into your DAW workspace with zero fuss. We're also offering our usual helping of free samples with this month's headline packs focusing on iconic krautrock monosynths and deep bass.

The front cover of Computer Music March issue depicting a montage of a piano with a transparent image of iconic software behind it

(Image credit: Future)

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Words of Wisdom

In terms of interviews we spoke to experimental musician SignLibra – Agata Melnikova – to unpack the techniques involved in her engaging "musical collages". Heading back into the world of piano, we chatted to Raül Refree and Pedro Viano whose recent project saw them go big on the textures of different organ types.

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Inspiring workshops

This month we added not one but two new regular workshops. First among the new series is Andy Jones' Sound Like column, which will take the techniques of iconic musicians and plant them in an easy-to-follow software context. This month: Ed Sheeran's famous looping approach. Also new to the roster is Roland Schmidt's CM Tools masterclass, which focuses on one plugin from the CM Plugin Suite each issue. Last but not least, our long-running columnists Sara Simms and Jon Musgrave continue their Dance and Mix classes, with a discussion on how to build tension and how to EQ your mix bus.

Reviews Reviews Reviews

Our shopping trolley of products to review in March is bulging, starting with Native Instruments Guitar Rig Pro 7, GForce Software OB-X, PSP Audioware Binamp, LANDR Mastering Plugin, BLEASS Fusion and many others.

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