Howard Jones takes delivery of a Steinway grand piano after watching it being hoisted over his house

Howard Jones grand piano crane
(Image credit: Howard Jones)

You wait ages for one video of a famous keyboard player having a grand piano hoisted into place using a crane, and then two come along almost at once.

Following our story on Herbie Hancock’s grand being lifted through an upper-floor window for a gig, eagle-eyed users have brought it to our attention that Howard Jones has just had a new Steinway grand winched into his studio in a similar manner.

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Jones’ joanna doesn’t appear to be quite as well protected as Hancock’s, which was inside a pretty substantial flight case, so we’re guessing there were a few heart-in-mouth moments as the piano was hauled over the roof.

Presumably, if he hadn’t been in to sign for it, it would have been left with a neighbour or behind a wheelie bin.

Jones and Hancock, of course, both featured in the now legendary synthesizer medley that was performed at the 1985 Grammy Awards, so we’re now expecting high-stakes piano delivery videos from Thomas Dolby and Stevie Wonder, the other two members of that merry band of musical futurists.

Ben Rogerson

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