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Here’s one way to remember those keyboard shortcuts: tattoo them on your arm

Trying to remember all those keyboard shortcuts can be a bit tricky, especially for those who run multiple DAWs. There are just so many commands to remember.

Not so for one Avid user, who has taken it upon himself to get his favourite shortcut controls tattooed on his lower arm. Even though he clearly already has a bespoke keyboard for the job.

Obviously this as much about showing love for Avid Media Composer as it is providing a quick-look guide for some transport controls. 

Of course, we’ve all seen plenty of folk sporting tattoos featuring of waveforms, ADSR envelopes and certain brands, with the Ableton logo being particularly popular, but perhaps our favourite piece of music tech body inking has to be from Russian multimedia artist Dmitry Morosov, aka ::vtol::, who came up with a wonderful contraption to read the tattoo located on his forearm as a musical score.

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