What's Next Musicians' Conference series announced

What's Next? Maybe you're about to find out.
What's Next? Maybe you're about to find out.

Line 6, Inc. and Topspin Media are joining forces with other leading music and technology companies to present the What's Next Musicians' Conference, a series of free events that will allow musicians to explore the ideas, trends and technologies that are impacting music today.

Featuring panel discussions with industry experts, live artist performances, breakout sessions, music technology demos and more, What's Next will empower musicians to take control of their future - and chart their own path to success.

What's Next conferences are scheduled to take place in London, Los Angeles, Tokyo and New York City. The London event will be on 6 July at Music Bank. Used by the likes of Jimmy Page, Noel Gallagher and Corinne Bailey Rae, Music Bank is a world renowned suite of rehearsal studios in south London, and is an ideal environment for discussion and workshops around improving live performance.

The What's Next Musicians' Conference, London is presented by Line 6 and Topspin Media in partnership with Future Music Group publications Guitarist, Total Guitar, Guitar Techniques, Future Music and Computer Music.

Will Groves, Editor-in-Chief, MusicRadar says, "We are excited to be part of this programme with Line 6. The future of music technology is important to our readers, and we are proud to be able to bring this event to our readership. This is a great opportunity for all performing musicians to learn more about their craft from leading industry professionals".

Classes and workshops

The event will feature a range of industry visionaries and professional artists for a live interactive discussion, as well as a series of workshops designed to help musicians drive their success. From how to improve your live performance to getting you music heard and using social media, the event will give musicians an opportunity to discover new cutting-edge ideas.

Acclaimed author, journalist and technology expert Craig Anderton, Line 6 co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer Marcus Ryle, Topspin Media's Stephen O'Reilly, Director of ROPSPIN UK, entrepreneur and Tunecore co-founder Jeff Price with other special guests, will all participate in an interactive panel discussion designed to help musicians answer important questions, such as: Is live music the future of the industry? What new business models can help musicians earn a living? How will the next generation of musicians be heard?

What's Next will give musicians the opportunity to discover cutting-edge ideas and technology to fuel their success. Each event will feature a series of classes and workshops, with topics such as:

  • Live Sound Doesn't Have to Suck - how to choose the right system for any gig and how to dial in a great mix fast.
  • Make Every Gig and Rehearsal a Promotional Opportunity - how to grow your fan base using technology, from recording gigs to creating videos and using YouTube
  • Wireless Without Worries - when used correctly, wireless can be liberating. Learn how to best incorporate wireless systems into your live performance setups.
  • Taming the Wild Guitar Rig - learn how to fully utilise today's technology to create iconic guitar sounds or venture into unexplored sonic worlds - both live and in the studio.
  • Promote Yourself - how do you get yourself seen and heard, and navigate the social media maze? When is it time to enlist help, and what do you hand over? Kitmonsters panel of industry experts give you tips and answer questions

The What's Next Musicians' Conference is presented by Line 6 and Topspin Media, with additional support from Gobbler, FXpansion, Kitmonsters, PC Audio Labs, Guitarist, Total Guitar, Future Music, Guitar Techniques, Computer Music, Namba Gear and others.

Future Music Group will be offering a competition through its Facebook page for all people who register for the event. There will also be a prize draw during the event for all attendees on 6 July, as well as exciting free downloads and giveaways. The event is free, and for more information and to register for your place visit www.whats-next-music.co.uk.

Places are limited so make sure you book now, and look out for more news about special guests over the next few weeks.

What's next

What's next
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