Weezer not recording new LP

Hey Pat that s the cold shoulder from Brian right there
Hey Pat, that's the cold shoulder from Brian right there...

Despite reports last month that Weezer were about to enter the studio to begin work on their seventh studio album, guitarist Brian Bell suggested otherwise in a recent interview.

Speaking to spinner.com, Bell commented: "Someone jumped the gun. We're still going to focus on promoting the Red album, and when we have the songs and the time feels right, we'll record."

The firearm-vaulting 'someone' in question appears to have been drummer Pat Wilson, who told Billboard that sessions for a new Weezer record were set to commence in November.

Despite the apparent lack of communication that these conflicting reports suggests, Bell did go on to confirm that the dynamic "within the band has shifted towards being more collaborative, and a safer place for people to bring ideas to and actually be heard."

Recently though, it seems that Weezer have been more concerned with breaking records than making them.