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Ping! Your microwave guitar is ready

We've heard of hot licks, but this microwave guitar takes instant noodling to a whole new level.

Built by YouTube user Moose ON, the instrument combines a Daewoo microwave with a Tele-style body, CND LP-esque neck and P-90 bridge pickup.

Moose also hammers his iPhone into the neck pickup position, although we haven't quite figured out why yet.

As you can hear, the guitar puts out some tasty tones - lest we forget it's packing a higher output than your average Marshall, with 800 watts of power.

It's sure to get your tunes on heavy rotation, not to mention curry favour with your audience - quite literally, if you get a ready meal or two cooking.

We'll reserve judgement on whether the microwave still works - and indeed, if it's actually safe to use - but we wouldn't advise trying this at home.

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