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Guitar Boy is a working Game Boy and guitar

For many guitarists, riffs and gaming are natural bedfellows, but they've never been integrated quite so seamlessly as on the Guitar Boy, a hybrid guitar and handheld console.

Put together by YouTube user fibbef s for the BitFix Gaming forum's 2015 Game Boy Classic build-off, the Guitar Boy is made up of parts from a Peavey Rockmaster, but there's also a 5" monitor and 2200mAh battery installed, while a Raspberry Pi runs the Boy's in-built games - fibbef shares how he put the instrument together in his build diary.

You can see the Guitar Boy in action above - we'll admit that having strings over the screen won't make for the easiest pixel-perfect jumps in Super Mario Land, but we appreciate the fact that the A and B buttons double as volume and tone controls.