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Fender Custom Shop think outside the box with cardboard Stratocaster guitar

We're used to guitars arriving in cardboard boxes, but could you imagine if one was actually made of the stuff?

Cue, oddly enough, Signal Snowboards and LA-based Ernest Packaging - in the past, the team have made cardboard skateboards and surfboards, but for this challenge, they set out to build a cardboard Stratocaster, with the help of Fender Custom Shop master builder Paul Waller.

Once the cardboard body and neck have been constructed, the guitar is cut out and tested by a number of dumbfounded Fender employees before being delivered to Linkin Park's Chester Bennington and Brad Delson, who put the Cardboardcaster through its paces.

It all begs the question: what's next? Corrugated Charvels? Tetrapak Telecasters? Answers on a postcard, please.