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New Oasis song posted online

Hear it now while you can
Hear it now while you can

What might be a new Oasis song has made its way onto the internet. Or is it the startings of Noel Gallagher's solo album? Hard to tell.

According to the website, the unidentified song-in-progress, just Noel Gallagher and an acoustic guitar, was recorded by a fan during an Oasis soundcheck before a concert in Tapei City, Taiwan.

Whether the track will be on a future Oasis album or on Gallagher's eventual solo effort - he's stated that he wants to make such a record and wants the same for brother Liam - remains to be seen.

Will the song ever come out?

On the other hand, this might be your only chance to hear it. In an interview last year, Gallagher said, "I don't specifically put songs aside. There are songs that have just fallen by the wayside that are still great but have missed their moment."

Let's hope a similar fate doesn't befall this little ditty.