NAMM 2015: Graph Tech announces locking Ratio tuned machine heads

Locking Ratio tuned machine heads
Locking Ratio tuned machine heads

NAMM 2015: Graph Tech's mission is to improve your playing experience and with their new locking Ratio tuned machine heads, their mission is achieved. These machine heads have a specific gear Ratio for each string making alternate tuning more intuitive, faster, and easier. Locking Ratios for both acoustic and electric guitars are now available through dealers and distributors worldwide.

With locking Ratio tuned machine heads, one turn is about one tone change on all strings, allowing you to go from standard tuning to alternate tunings, such as drop D and open tunings, with much more efficiency, speed, and ease. This is possible by having finer tuning on thicker core strings, and coarser tuning on thinner core strings. The gear Ratios are anywhere between 12:1 and 39:1. With locking machine heads, the string is held tight without tying or multiple wraps around the string post that can slip and drop out of tune. This feature helps keep the guitar in tune longer.

The locking Ratios are available in either two pin or single screw housing options with four different button designs: classic, contemporary, contemporary mini, and vintage. All sets are available in a chrome, gold, black, or nickel finish. Included with Ratioss are Invisonatch Installation Plates making installation simple, clean, and attractive by eliminating headstock drilling, and previously visible indentations. Ratios are also available in the skeleton buttons from the Open Back Series combining high performance with a vintage look.

Information from press release. For more, visit Graph Tech.

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