NAMM 2012: Ovation introduces Standard Balladeer VL

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The Standard Balladeer sports a gorgeous sunburst finish

The Standard Balladeer sports a gorgeous sunburst finish.

Ovation Standard Balladeer VL 1771VL-1

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The new 1627VL Artist VL has a traditional non cutaway body

The new 1627VL Artist VL has a traditional non-cutaway body.

Ovation Artist VL 1627VL

NAMM 2012 PRESS RELEASE: Ovation has a legendary standing in the music industry, and no other guitar is so steeped in Ovation's rich history than the Balladeer. Ovation gives a nod to its roots with the 2012 introduction of the new Standard Balladeer VL guitar (1771VL-1).

At the heart of this retro-style guitar is Ovation's Vintage Lyrachord Roundback, made from the same materials used on the early Ovation guitar models from the '60s and '70s. The interwoven layers of glass filaments are bound together by hybrid resins to create a lightweight and sonically resonate body that enhances Ovation's signature note-to-note balance and projection.

Sharing that same technology is the new Legend model - the Artist 1627VL-4. It's beautiful, non cutaway instrument with traditional, vintage style combined FET volume and tone control.

RRP, Artist 1627VL-4, Natural, Shallow Bowl Non-Cutaway, Vintage FET V/T: £862.80

RRP, Standard Balladeer 1771VL-1, Sunburst, Mid Bowl, OPP: £706.80

Information taken from official press release, for more visit Ovation.

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