NAMM 2008: Ibanez showcase star models

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Ibanez s 20th Anniversary JS1

Ibanez's 20th Anniversary JS1
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The TM1WH Sam Tottman signature

The TM1WH Sam Tottman signature
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The EGN1 Herman Li signature

The EGN1 Herman Li signature
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The ORM1 Omar Rodriguez Lopez signature

The ORM1 Omar Rodriguez-Lopez signature

Ibanez unveiled a heap of new models and spec-tweaks at NAMM 2008, but the guitars that got most attention were, inevitably, the new signature models

Joe Satriani's 20th Anniversary JS1200 got the big display, though MusicRadar can't decide if that embossed surfer graphic is too kitsch or too cool. What do you reckon?

Dragonforce's furious-fingered duo both had new sigs debuted. Sam Tottman's new signature is the Iceman-shaped STM1WH. It features an Edge III tremolo, DiMarzio Evolution pickups and a 24-fret, five-piece STM maple/walnut Wizard II thru-neck.

Herman Li's new Signature EGN1 features a five-piece maple/walnut EGEN neck, an Edge Zero bridge, DiMarzio HLM pickups and a Transparent Violet Flat finish. Both are undoubtedly rock.

More leftfield is the sig for The Mars Volta's Omar Rodriguez-Lopez. His new JTK-shaped ORM1 features an ACH Blade humbucker, Gibraltar III bridge and a 3-piece, 24-inch scale mahogany neck. The guitar feels and looks good, but is he enough of a star to sell this signature in quantities?

Check out this video of Herman Li and Joe Satriani jamming Foxey Lady at the NAMM 2008 show!