NAMM 09: 6 of the best videos

Could you play drums as well as Isiah Ulysses when you were ten?
Could you play drums as well as Isiah Ulysses when you were ten?

MusicRadar has written more words than we'd care to count in covering this year's Winter NAMM Show, but, as you'll know if you've been following our blog site, our intrepid reporters also went armed with a video camera.

We've compiled six of the best clips from the show floor for you to watch from the comfort of this very page.

Paul Gilbert talks about his new Ibanez guitars

Guitar maestro Gilbert had two new Ibanez models on display at NAMM, and he was kind enough to tell our US Editor Joe Bosso all about them. He also revealed that he may soon be embarking on a career as a Pete Townshend impersonator.


Back when we were kids, we only used a metronome to help us play in time when we were learning the piano, but 2009 could be the year that the device breaks out of its rhythmically rigid box and becomes an instrument in its own right. Hit play to find out why.

Mapex Chris Adler Black Panther Signature Snare

The Lamb Of God drummer is the endorsee of Mapex's first signature snare drum. Joe Hibbs tells you all about it - the role of Chris Adler, meanwhile, is played by a cardboard-backed photo of him stuck on a stand.

AmpliTube Fender in action

IK Multimedia's Fender-authorised software has got a lot of people talking, but does it really sound as good as the hardware it emulates? Listen to MusicRadar's Chris Vinnicombe putting it through its paces and decide for yourself.

Celemony's Melodyne editor tackling wah-wah guitar

Celemony's Direct Note Access technology has found its home in the new Melodyne editor application. Below, you can discover how it can be used to tweak a guitar recording - there's some serious software sorcery going on here.

Isiah Ulysses blitzes the Evans drum stand

He might only be 10, but Isiah Ulysses already knows his way around a drum kit. The sound you can hear in the background is Joe Bosso crying as he realises that this kid can play him off the stage.

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