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Musikmesse 2016: Boss and Roland collaborate with Steve Vai and Kirk Fletcher on Waza Amp and Blues Cube Tone Capsules

MUSIKMESSE 2016: Boss and Roland have expanded the potential of their Waza Amp and Blues Cube amps with the addition of two new Tone Capsules from Steve Vai and Kirk Fletcher.

Tone Capsules modify the valve circuit characteristics of an existing amp, bestowing it with custom artist specifications.

Steve Vai's Legacy Tone Capsule is the result of collaboration with Boss engineers to produce "the ideal compression on each string and precise audio response at any volume" - from sustaining leads to dynamic cleans, the Capsule promises to nail Vai's fluid tone from Boss's Waza Amp.

The Ultimate Blues tone capsule, on the other hand, was developed with blues guitarist Kirk Fletcher, and switches the Blues Cube's 6L6-like tonality to a more compressed 6V6 voicing, albeit with additional output power. It's compatible with Roland's Blues Cube Stage, Blues Cube Artist, Blues Cube Artist 212 and Blues Cube Tour.

The Steve Vai Legacy Tone Capsule (£255) and Kirk Fletcher Ultimate Blues Tone Capsule (£175) are available to preorder now.