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Musikmesse 2010: Line 6 announces Relay ™ RXS06 wireless receiver and TBP06 wireless transmitter

RX06 wireless receiver
RX06 wireless receiver

FRANKFURT MUSIKMESSE 2010 PRESS RELEASE: Line 6, the industry leader in digital modeling technology for music creation products, announces Relay™ G30 Wireless Guitar System, now available for purchase as separate products:

· Line 6 Relay™ TBP06 Wireless Transmitter

· Line 6 Relay™ RXS06 Wireless Receiver

Relay G30 will redefine the wireless experience with superior sound, professional dependability and total simplicity. The separate availability of the Relay™ G30 transmitter and receiver enables multiple instrument to multiple guitar rig set-ups further enhancing the discerning live performing musicians tonal pallet.

"Relay G30 is the professional solution that wireless guitarists have been waiting for," remarks Don Boomer, Line 6 product line manager. "Relay products have the ability to match the frequency response of a typical guitar cable and provide superior dynamic range compared to most analog wireless systems—all while providing wireless freedom to musicians."

Lightweight, low-profile and easy to use, Relay G30 delivers a simple but sophisticated experience. The system features 1/4-inch inputs and outputs, sets of bright LEDs that display power, status and battery life, and it includes everything the user needs to get started.

Line 6 Relay™ TBP06 Wireless Transmitter - UK MSRP - £151.58 inc VAT

Line 6 Relay™ RXS06 Wireless Receiver - UK MSRP - £198.58 inc VAT

Information taken from official press release, for more visit Line 6

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