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MusicRadar's greatest hits of 2013: January

Load up the NAMM trucks - it'll soon be time to do it all again...
Load up the NAMM trucks - it'll soon be time to do it all again...

For many people, January is all about shedding holiday weight and hiding from the cold under the duvet, but musicians have a very good reason to get out of bed in the morning.

January is NAMM Show time, which means all the major gear manufacturers getting together to show off their new wares. Sure enough, you lapped up our coverage in 2013 - look out for more of the same (with a few new features and bells and whistles, obviously...) when NAMM 2014 takes centre stage on 23-26 January.

Also making the headlines at the start of the year was David Bowie, who teed up a year of critical acclaim with the release of new song Where Are We Now?

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