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Make BeatBuddy drum machine drunk with new Sobriety Function

If there's one problem with drum machines, it's that they're too damn precise; there's just no danger of going off-piste like you would with a real drummer… until now, as BeatBuddy announces its new Sobriety Function.

Adjusting the pedal's Sobriety setting takes the BeatBuddy from sober (playing normally) to tipsy (drifting on the tempo), drunk (prone to losing the 'one') and wasted (drum solo) - the saving grace is that a swift turn of the dial sobers BB right up again.

The Sobriety Function is part of a firmware update that also bolsters the BeatBuddy with a sleep mode, visual metronome while drums are stopped and complete MIDI control.

But let's face it: the BoozeBuddy drunk machine is the real star of the show here. We'll kick off with Whisky In The Jar - bottoms up…